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What We Do

Our car buying company offers customers in Santa Maria the opportunity to get quick cash for the sale of their old car. If you have been wondering “where can I sell my car in Santa Maria”, then look to us to solve your problem. We take all the worry and stress out of car sales by coming out to where you live, or where the actual car is, and making the deal on site. We bring cash and will always give you a fair and decent price for your car. Don’t go to anyone else if you have a used car for sale when we can give you the chance to make some big bucks!

We Take the Stress out of Car Sales!

Are you getting stressed out because you can’t seem to sell your used car? Is everyone who seems interested just blowing you off when it comes time to actually seal the deal? If so, you aren’t alone. We started our cash for cars company because we saw how tough it is for many people to sell their used cars by themselves. We want to help our neighbors by offering a reliable and honest service to anyone who has an old car that they wish to sell quickly. Don’t get roped into practically giving your car away from free when we will give you the best price around for it!

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We buy any type of car. We don’t care what model or make it is, how many miles you have put on it, what color it is or what shape it is in. We also purchase vehicles that have been wrecked or no longer run. Too many customers believe that a wrecked car isn’t worth much, but we can guarantee you cash for it. If you can’t get the car to drive or even start, we will bring a tow truck out to you, free of charge. We want your car and we want your business!
We know that it’s sometimes hard to part with that car you drove in high school or your very first new car you bought after college graduation. But we are sure you could use the money for it, and who wants a car just sitting in their driveway all the time? Call us for a free estimate on your car and we will come out to see it, usually that very day.

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